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We want a sustainable fashionand we work for it. As humans, as residents of this, our only planet and home, we are convinced that an honest production is one that is consistent with ethical, human and environmental values.

We give it our best, from the moment we come up with an idea for our eco-friendly clothing brand, for the entire production chain to be sustainable; and that's how we are able to offer our handmade shirts.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a new concept that has fortunately emerged in recent years around the world and that we put into practice when producing our shirts.

This production model exists to guarantee that the environment and the human resources are protected and taken care of at the same time, through the use of ecological materials and a production that is more artisanal and respectful of the workers´ needs.

But first let's step back in time, to understand why this new way of doing things has emerged, and what the fight is against (as entrepreneurs and part of a collective that is conscious that the world belongs to everyone).


Back in time, large clothing manufacturers never paid attention to other aspects while producing their items, but only to the economic benefits of the company.

Yes, maybe there was someone who thought "I would like my employees to feel happy when they work in the factory" and scheduled more flexible hours or introduced some salary improvement.

But it was not the norm and much less before the 20th century. Let's remember that numerous strikes were carried out in many countries in the last decades of the 19th century, to protest the inhumane conditions of the laborers.

Human exploitation was present in the textile industry and we know that "fashion" depends directly on it: there are large manufacturers who in a short time produce huge amounts of clothes to sell.

What is the GOAL? Sell more to earn more. To sell more you have to produce more at any cost. Is this a possible honest production? We believe it is not.

The real answer: to sell more, factories are located in non-developed countries, where wages are incredibly low by which they are already saving a lot of euros.

And it is always good to create employment in places where there is none; there is nothing wrong about it, on the contrary. The problem comes when an employee cannot freely choose his / her job, and has to accept miserable salaries because there's no other option not to mention the scourge of child exploitation that as parents we consider as one of the most sensitive issues.

Thus, there are many factories that operate with almost slave labor, the working conditions can be reminiscent of those terrible from the 19th century, and where (it has been seen and denounced) they even hire minors.

It is impossible to see as valid a company that treats its employees this way; as long as it perpetuates poverty and doesn’t promote acceptable life´s standards for its employees in the cities where the company has settled.

Most workers don't have legal protection, not mentioning the respect for their human rights. Can we consider sustainable fashion what is derived from this practice ? What do you think?

In this sense, guaranteeing the European manufacturing model (in our case) eliminates "part" of these problems.

And we haven't even talked about how environmental resources are managed and raw materials are obtained. You are still with us! following us to understand why sustainable fashion is necessary to guarantee an honest production throughout the chain?

Let's talk a little (just a bit, we don't want to be boring) about how environmental issues have traditionally been handled in the fashion industry. As we mentioned before, the main motivation for this kind of factories and companies is economic.

Their production model includes the deforestation of huge forested regions to grow cotton. They use multiple chemicals, many of them highly toxic (such as chlorine) to make clothing, which incongruously lowers production costs.

These chemicals are not managed responsibly, and 98% of these products end up in rivers and oceans, increasing water pollution. In other words, there is no responsible management of industrial waste.

In addition, bringing their production from third world countries to the stores where they will be sold (in first world countries), the transportation itself generates the emission of greenhouse gases, which in ecological terms increases the carbon footprint.



From the very conception of our business idea, we want to collaborate with the protection of the environment and promote a decent life standard for all those who work with us, at any position in the production.

We care about climate change. One of the solutions is the European manufacturing of our artisan shirts: our factory reduces the carbon footprint by the rational use of water and energy, and contributes to responsible waste management.

We do not stop here. We are determined to produce significant changes in society; on one hand is to guarantee European manufacturing, and on the other hand is to make sure that those who collaborate with us are also moved by the same spirit.

Our workshop where we make eco-friendly shirts functions only with suppliers that fulfill these conditions.

We make sure that the entire process, from the reception of the raw materials to the final sale, is in accordance with an honest production that responds to the ecological and social standards that we have proposed.

Our eco-friendly shirts are extra soft cotton 100% made and an intrinsic part of our spirit of contributing to a more sustainable world.

On the other hand, one of our objectives is that the final customer, that is, you, commits to this concept, and becomes enthusiastic about a brand that guarantees honest production of its line and doesn't get involved with farms and large factories that do not respect the environment.

Thus, while producing we take our time; it is true, but much better. Our handmade shirt meets broad criteria, to offer you eco-friendly shirts of the best quality.

We give it our best to create a better world, and that’s related to the way we work: both in the workshop and in the different areas of the company, we all have the opportunity to earn a decent income in flexible working hours, which have allowed us to reconcile family life with professional life.

Sustainable fashion is the ideal for the environment to be less impacted and society to feel better from the beginning. How do we do it? Taking care of the entire process and listening to each other as we work together.

Society is not a separate entity from individuals, and that's why we can change it. We can produce an effective impact that touches more people by removing unsustainable practices in our lives and work activities.

That is why sustainable fashion is so important because it provides consumers with products that last longer and do not harm the environment. In this sense, artisanal shirts guarantee superior quality and an eco-friendly production system.

The eyed- catching and original fashion that we make (and that characterize us) responds to that desire to make each garment unique: they are part of the artisanal shirt shop of our production, of our perfectionist spirit.

But don´t take us wrong: this perfectionist spirit doesn’t promote bad obsessions. On the contrary, we want a clear direction of freedom.

We want everyone to feel comfortable when they wear our shirts, and for everyone to feel comfortable with what we do, from our clothes to the certainty of actively contributing to a more egalitarian society.

Why do we insist so much on European manufacturing? It is not that it is better or superior, it is because we can participate in the reduction of CO2 emissions and favor a more responsible industry and fight over-manufacturing on a large scale in countries where the rights of workers are not respected and there is still child exploitation.

Sustainable fashion is not a matter of "fashion"; it is a matter of environmental and social responsibility to which the entire chain of production must be committed.

Sustainable fashion guarantees better products because they are designed to have a longer use. Consequently, the quality is higher. Our women and men and children´s shirts are perfect examples of this quality.

Of course, the garments are "bit" more expensive, but this is the only way to guarantee decent salaries, because we value the work done in each of the production phases. All this is reflected in the price of the garments.

As a result, you will have in your hands a shirt that will last you years, made with the best quality and with 100% ecological materials. And we will have the certainty that together we have contributed to the preservation of the environment.

Is sustainable fashion worthy or not?