We live in a society full of stereotypes which practically impose on us how to dress. If we take a look around you will see same cloth, similar designs same cut.

We are rebels! A brand that is rebel clearly influenced by 77´s Punk designs and the Grunge in the nineties or the Mod movement in the sixties and la Movida Madrileña in the eighties. We cannot forget by any means the much admired Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami or Yayoi Kusama and many others. ジャパンアート

Our cornerstones? Freedom. To support the preservation of the much damaged environment. Respect and Support to sexual diversity and gender equality.

If there is something we should highlight about Mumy Room that would clearly be our creative and design staff. Our designers are the “Chefs” who shape Mumy room´s universe, design and creativity and the delicate work we make while conceiving and producing each piece is what talks best about who we are.

From 2017 Mumy room has a team of designers who are free to create and bring fresh ideas on the table. Freedom and Imagination are cornerstones in our workroom

Fuensanta Andrade
Creative manager