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Get inspired by our printed shirts

We bring an interesting proposal to the table with our modern men's clothing: dressing the man, of course, but dressing him in a special way. Anyone who wears one of our printed cotton shirts knows that it will turn heads..

We are not exaggerating. Look at the models, all very handsome but they stand out even more while wearing our unusual patterns that inspire a second look.

And you think; did I look well? A bearded guy, full of tattoos neck to toe who wears a cars, palm trees, macaws or flowers drawings’ shirt... conservatism is still among us and we want to put an end to it once and for all.

Our proposal is to offer a true and original alternative men's fashion, with a style that adapts to yours: you may like colorful shirts or on the other hand something more discreet with plain backgrounds and small patterns that required a closer look to distinguish the drawing.

There is place for everyone.

Men's shirts

For some decades, the big brands decided to pay attention to men's clothing as there was a growing interest among men to dress well, with exclusive, comfortable and tasteful garments.

In general men's clothing is rather boring: cold, neutral colors, with conventional prints. Perhaps, back in the 80s and 90s those pioneering bacteria shirts could be considered canon breakers.

The 21st century has brought more freedom at designing, freedom of action and rights at all levels. The man who wears our printed cotton shirts knows that he will become a visual target, in the best way.

That's why we dare to experiment with crazy patterns, some of which even combine with tattoos on arms, chest and neck, giving skin and fabric a feeling of continuity.

An alternative fashion for men is precisely the one that provides garments that identify with the new sexual, social and environmental sensitivities. One of our shirts, long or short sleeves, will make you feel sure of yourself, your convictions and ideals.

We understand that the love for clothing is not something exclusive to women. Nowadays it is important not only to dress well but to dress interesting, to feel empowered, defying the silly rules that try to impose on us even the color we wear.

That is why you will find in our extensive catalog amazing garments, extravagant designs, colors and drawings out of the ordinary. We dare you to wear one of our shirts and feel the softness, the comfort of the fabric and the difference when walking down the street.

Short sleeve shirts give you a more casual, groundbreaking look. They are ideal for the summer, for rock concerts, to hit the road on your motorcycle and also, why not, to go to the office. Even to go to school or a meeting with friends to have a few beers.

Long sleeve shirts are a different story. One of our skull shirts looks perfect with a classic cut jacket; or one with kittens or puppies (a man dressed like that projects a look between tender and virile, very sexy), and yes, you will also be very elegant, if that suits you.

You also have the chance of combining different colors; no white, black, navy blue or army green, no! Our modern men's clothing includes backgrounds like soft pinks, cream, purple, electric blue (and also black and white because they are perfect) to stamp the multicolored prints.

But we are not just shirts makers. We also have a line of polo shirts, t-shirts and sweaters with awesome embroidery out of the ordinary with unusual bouquets of flowers accompanying skulls, or tigers about to jump, or electric guitars or cute kittens...

Everything is possible, and that must be celebrated. Manhood or whatever being a man means is not at separated from our designs: modern men's clothing defies standards, sexual and social prejudices and even the principles of conventional and repetitive fashion.

We like to be different, and want those who wear our printed cotton shirts to feel different too. Our designs respond to that attitude, and we guarantee you will find the one shirt that identifies you the best.

The modern menswear you find in our stores is made for any age, color, nationality and sexual preference - we are very proud to be inclusive in everything we do.

Women's shirts

You are not left behind. The women's shirts are also made of 100% extra soft and eco-friendly cotton. They are so versatile that are perfect for the office, to go to dinner and to a party, because it all depends on the accessories, and the pattern.

We have short and long sleeve women's shirts. Prints are similar to men's shirts because we want to make it clear that genders are nothing more than cultural conventions for us.

No doubts alternative fashion has another meaning now which is being able to capture what you want to express when you wear certain colors or prefer certain style.

In few words our style is defined by the greatest freedom when designing, so each person, unique person finds the ideal garment. Is too ambitious? At all, we know we are capable of interpreting nowadays topics into fabric.

With women's shirts we go for a less sexualized style, less “feminine” in the usual sense of the term, which corresponds to that non-binary spirit that has so damaged the self-perceptions of men and women throughout history.

Original clothing for children

And the same thing happens with the little ones, we propose original clothing for children that do not lag behind in the world of fashion. That stands out and makes the kitsch disappear when it comes to dressing boys and girls.

Let them become aware that we (human beings) are capable of breaking stereotypes and growing up healthy, brave and with an own opinion. Isn't that what we look for as parents when educating in freedom?

Can fashion do that? Of course!