Mumy Room be Happy

We live in a society full of stereotypes where the dressing code is practically imposed to us. Wherever we look we always see the same stores, the same clothes, the same designs.

After 10 years working as a designer for a prestigious textile company in London, Xavi decided to move forward with this project.

We are a brand with a very particular style, from any conventionalism alternative ideas offering different and exclusive clothes, clothes with personality, unique clothes!

Our physical stores are located on Calle Augusto Figueroa 22, in CHUECA, one of our favorite neighborhoods in Madrid, and in Calle Cuchilleros 5, in Plaza Mayor of Madrid. You can also find a franchise in Miami and another one in Gran Canaria. In our stores, in addition to a carefully selected collection of clothes, you can enjoy a unique space full of art, photographs, design and trends.
Mumy is different
Trends ranging from the purest Punk Style of '77 and the Grunge of the 90s, to the Mod Movement in London from the 60s, and ending with great Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama.
Yayoi Kusama
"With my astronomical accumulation of dots art gets to completely erase me . My life is a dot lost among thousands of other dots."
Yayoi Kusama, Tokio 1959
"Art is like masturbation, it's selfish and just for you. Design is like sex, there's someone else involved, her/his needs are as important as yours, and if all goes well both sides are happy in the end."
Read in Takeshita Street, Tokio 2016
barba hipster
Be different, be diverse, offer something original.
Xavi Garcia
Designer MUMY room

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